Single New York City artist Ellie (Laurie Simmons) hopes to gain inspiration in tranquility as she house-sits for a friend in Upstate New York. Accompanied by her lovable handicapped dog, Bing, Ellie comes of age — middle age — in her new surroundings. She turns the home’s adjoining barn into her new workplace, staging elaborate recreations of classic movies scenes, ranging from Some Like it Hot to A Clockwork Orange. Business unexpectedly evolves into possible pleasure when Ellie invites three local men — two gardeners (Robert Clohessy, Josh Safdie) and a lawyer (John Rothman) — to participate in her art. Soon all three men are becoming romantically interested in Ellie. Even so, she remains determined to resist anything that could interrupt her work.

My Art star/writer/director Laurie Simmons has produced numerous works of moving-image art, including 2006’s Meryl Streep-led The Music of Regret, and here takes cues from her daughter Lena Dunham’s (who co-stars) brand of acerbic wit and acutely feminist point-of-view for this comedy of self-realization. Featuring the great Parker Posey and Broadway legend Blair Brown, My Art is ultimately Simmons’ show, repurposing familiar rom-com tropes with an endearing female protagonist.

Laurie Simmons is an internationally recognized artist. Her work is included in the collections of The Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum. In 2006 she wrote and directed The Music of Regret, starring Meryl Streep and the Alvin Ailey Dancers with cinematography by Ed Lachman.

Feature Narrative, 86 minutes
Premiered at Tribeca Film Festival, April 2017

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