Aurora Picture Show will present the 12th annual Aurora Award to photographer and filmmaker Laurie Simmons. Aurora Picture Show's Aurora Award Dinners are unparalleled events honoring some of the most significant media artists of the 21st Century and 22nd Century. The Aurora Award is an honor given to an artist who has exhibited extraordinary originality in the fields of media and multimedia art. This event is also the most important annual fundraiser or Aurora, providing the foundation of support for the next season of screening events, in addition to funding our education programs.

Laurie Simmons is an internationally recognized artist. Since the mid-70’s, Simmons has staged scenes for her camera with dolls, ventriloquist dummies, mannequins and occasionally people, to create images with intensely psychological subtexts. Marked by intentional dislocations and unexpected conjunctions, the nonlinear narratives she creates echo those of memories and dreams. By the early 1980’s Simmons was at the forefront of a new generation of artists, predominantly woman, whose use of the media as subject began a new dialogue in contemporary art.

As part of the event, Aurora will screen a selection of works by Simmons, including excerpts from The Music of Regret, from Tiny Furniture, and a short video with The Love Doll.

During cocktails, a color-blocked slide show of still images created for The Gothenburg Museum in Sweden exhibition of Laurie's work will feature Red, Yellow and Blue images. 

Each year Aurora selects a Texas artist to create an art piece symbolic of the Aurora Award. This year Gabriel Martinez will create a sculpture that will be presented to Laurie Simmons during the award presentation at the gala. Martinez is a a Houston artist who attended the Glassell School of Arts Core Residency Program and was also an artist-in-residence at Project Row Houses.

Past Aurora Award honorees include Joan Jonas (2011), Christian Marclay (2010), Doug Aitken (2009), Steina and Woody Vasulka (2007), Miranda July (2006), Isaac Julien (2005), Ant Farm (2004), Laurie Anderson (2003), William Wegman (2002), and Tony Oursler (2001). 

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